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The School of Science, College of Education, Warri is endorsed to train students for NCE and B.Sc. Ed in the areas of basic, natural and applied sciences viz Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education and Physics.

In so doing, these seven science subjects constitute the various departments (7) in the School of Science.  For the purpose of the award of NCE in these subjects NCCE regulations has mandated that they have to be in combination with one another as teaching subjects with education courses for eligibility as a graduand in the specified field.  In other words, those listed courses are single-major apart from Physical and Health Education which is a double-major.

Biology Department
Here, we have students who study live sciences such as biology in addition with education for the B.Sc. Ed programme. As for the NCE programme, Biology is taken as major and in combination with other Sciences which may be physical, applied or social sciences as the case may be.  Combinations in this department are:  Bio/Chem, Bio/Geo.

Chemistry Department

Chemistry in addition with education is for the B.Sc. Ed programme. As for the NCE programme, resident in this department are the following course combinations:

Computer Science
Course combination under this department are: CSC/Bio, CSC/Econs, CSC/Geo. The degree programme will be kicking off as from 2017/2018 academic session.

Integrated Science
Under this department course combinations saddled on it are: ISC/BIO, ISC/Chem,ISC/CSC

Mathematics in addition with education are taken for the B.Sc. Ed programme. As for the NCE programme, Mathematics combinations under here are Maths/Econs, Maths/Geo, Maths/PHY

Physical & Health Education Department

PHE in addition with education are  for the B.Sc. Ed programme. As for the NCE programme, PHE is a double major where physical and Health Education courses are studied.

Physics Department
Physics in addition with education are studied for the B.Sc. Ed programme. As for the NCE programme, subject combinations under this department are: PHY/CHEM

The school is endowed with qualified academic and non-academic staff who from time undergo in-service training for sustainable development.  Classes of academic staff whose employment are hinged on the minimum qualification of education as a teaching subject, range from Assistant Lecturers to Chief Lecturers in which most of them tilt towards doctorate degree holders.

There exist a decision making body in the School of Science in which issues concerning the departments in the School are referred to.  This body, The School Board of studies and the highest decision making body (equivalence to the Faculty Board in the University)  oversees/treats matters at the School level on when beyond resolution it refers  to the Academic Board (equivalence of the Senate in the University) for ratification.  In this board general decision taken are on the consideration of results, student complaints/condonation, election to the office of the Dean, constitution/dissolution and nomination of committee members.

Each of the seven departments headed by HODs reports progressively to the Dean of the School of Science for issues that need immediate actions.  If it is that which require referral they are minuted upon through internal memorandum (memo) to the Provost for action taking.