College of Education

Dr. (Mrs.) Helena T. Agbajor

Nodal Officer/Director
Tel: +2349060484822


1.     Monitoring of semester Lectures/Exams to ensure compliance with the laudable vision and mission statement of the College.
2.     Conduct orientation for fresh students in conjunction with Student Affairs Division on their right to be serve right.
3.     Encourage polite, respectful, friendly attitude and punctuality to work among staff for optimal service provision.
4.     Ensure the inclusion of needs of the socially and physically challenge students in the College policies and programmes.
5.     Ensure compliance in the wearing of identity cards by all staff/students.
6.     Guarantee the prompt opening of our offices by 8:00am (Monday – Friday).
7.     Discourage the collection of all unapproved levies, charges and sales of textbooks/sorting.
8.     Performance evaluation of lectures and attitude to work.
9.     Established grievance redress mechanism and provide opportunities for feedback on service provisions.
10.   Review and publication of the College service charter in every 2 years