Code of Conduct

Some students always carry their school identity card with them and should be prepared to produce them on demand. Students are required to show their I.D Cards before they are allowed into the school premises, and into examination halls. Identity cards are issued to students who have only paid the prescribed school fees and fully registered for classes. The ID card is compulsory for all students from JSS I to SS3.

Morning Assemblies begin 7:40am and any student who comes in later than 8:00am is deemed late to school.

(I) Classes begin by 8:15am. Compulsory for students to attend all classes in the subjects which they have been registered.
(ii) If a student is continuously absent without permission from classes for a period of four weeks, he/she would be deemed to have withdrawn from the school.
(iii) No student may be entered for the appropriate external examination that does not make up to 70% attendance in any one term. Delinquent students who have been entered for an examination may be disallowed from writing the Examination.
(iv) Students should attend classes punctually.
(v) No student is allowed to leave his/her classroom until the class has been officially dismissed by the teacher, except on permission.
(vi) All students should sit quietly in their classrooms and read their books even when there is no teacher present.

Attendance at assembly, (Monday and Friday) is compulsory for all students. Assembly begins at 7:40am. On days when there is no assembly (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, morning devotion holds for students at designated classrooms, for each class. Morning devotion is also compulsory for all students. In the light of the above, students are expected to be in school by 7:40am. Any student who comes late to school is usually punished, but students who come to school after 8:30 would be sent back home.

All students should come to school properly dressed. No student that is inappropriately dressed would be allowed in the school premises. All students are to dress in the recognized school uniform.
(I) Male students in JSS I to SS III should wear clean and well buttoned shirts and pair of shorts, with white socks and brown sandals. Belt should be white.
(ii) Males in SS I and SS II should wear clean and well buttoned shirts and pair trousers, with white socks and brown sandals, while the girls, well buttoned blouses and skirts, with white belt.
(iii) Male students in SS III should wear clean well buttoned shirt and trousers and put on their tie; which should be well knotted; with black socks and shoes (usually bought in the school), Belt should be black.
(iv) Female students in JSS I to JSS III should wear the inner blouse with the pinafore, which should be dean, together with white socks and brown sandals.
(v) Female students in SS III should wear, clean and well buttoned blouse and skirt, with a well knotted tie, black socks and shoes. Belt should be black.

Male students should keep their hair short and tidy. Female students are expected to do their hair. A student with unkempt hair would be sent home and the females to make their hair according to the school standard.

(I) During examination, students make use of the schools’ official examination answer scripts which are duly numbered. Students are required to write their names and script numbers on the attendance sheets and also to sign against their names. Attendance sheets are passed round during all examinations by the invigilator. Students and parents are to note that early preparation by students go a long way to ensure good performance/grades in the school’s sessional/terminal examinations.
(ii) The school in line with the current syllabus operates the continuous assessments method of evaluating students; thus:
1st Test……………………..10 marks
2nd Test…………………….20 marks
Examination………………..70 marks

In computing the results for third term, The school uses the accumulation method, i.e., first term, second term, and third term scores are used in the following ratio:
First Term Examination……………………20 percent
Second Term Examination………………..30 percent
Third Term Examination…………………..50 percent

(iii) It is compulsory for all students to sit for all class tests, terminal and sessional examinations.
(iv) Promotion of students at the end of each session would depend on their performance in assignments, class test, terminal and sessional examination.

NOTE: Writing/aiding of fellow student in Examination/Test is an offence punishable by withdrawal of the student involved or to repeat the class if it is the first offence.

(I) Students are required to pay their school fees before the 2nd week of any term. Failure to do this would mean sending such students out of classes.
(ii) Teller of school fees paid must be presented to the school Bursar for authentication/vetting. Parents are also expected to make photocopies of such tellers and copy lodged with the form teachers/bursary staff/any other staff assigned to handle such.

Students are warned against bringing large sums of money (cash) to school. If for any reason a student brings such money to school, the student should deposit such money with his/her form teacher and collect same after classes, i.e., (at the end of the school day) or collect it when he or she wants to use the money for whatever purpose the money was brought to school for.
Pidgin English is strictly prohibited. Students are expected to communicate/speak in good simple and correct English

(I) Students should ensure that classrooms are not littered with pieces of papers. All litters should be put in the dust bin provided around the classrooms.
(ii) Students who damage the College property would be made to pay for such damaged property

Students should report any problem with fellow students to either their form teachers or any other teacher.

On no condition should students take laws into their own hands. Students who leave the school premises to go and invite their friends, parents or guardians to intimidate fellow students will be severely punished.

Students under no circumstances should invite their parents/guardians to come and intimidate any teacher. If for any reason a student is aggrieved by a teacher, such matter should be reported to the Principal, or any of the Vice Principals for proper handling. Any student who intimidates any teacher through friends, parents or guardians will be expelled.

(I) The school has a very vibrant P.T.A. in place
(ii) Open --- Day: The school also recognizes an open-day every term, and parents are expected to attend such Open Days. Students whose parents/guardians fail to attend open day will be punished.

Parents or guardians should drop their children at the school gate (i.e. Outside the school gate. No parent should drive his or her child/ward into the school compound.

Every student must adhere strictly to the sweeping and cleaning roaster of his/her class and must ensure that the class is swept before 7:40 every day.

Students who want to go out/leave the school premises before the closing hour of 2:00pm should get a gate pass. Such gate pass. Such gate passes should be collected only from any of the Vice Principal or the Principal.

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. Any student found with a mobile phone, would have such phone seized by the school authorities, and never returned to the student or parent. All other electrical/electronic gadgets are also prohibited.


Students found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the school premises would be either suspended or expelled immediately depending on the gravity of the offence.

(I) The school is built in such a way that there is an ample space for sporting activities. For now, there are temporary courts for volley ball, basket ball, soccer and table tennis. The school’s management is presently looking into the possibilities of having permanent courts for these games so as to improve and encourage participation in these games.
(ii) Every student must belong to a house and participate fully in activities in the house.
(iii) All forms of birthday celebration held outside the school premises within school hours is prohibited. Any celebrations/marking of teacher of the student is involved.
(iv) Inviting friends during sports competitions is prohibited.

The school has successfully organized so many Inter-house Sports Competitions till date. The school has five houses: Red House, Yellow House, Blue House, White House and Green House. The table below shows the overall result in each of the year’s competition.



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