College of Education


COEWA DAY OF PRAYER, initiated by the Provost, Prof. (Mrs.) Mary Olire Edema, is an event that takes place in College of Education, Warri. It started in 2016, the year the Provost resumed duty at the College.
The purpose of the program is to commit the affairs of the College into the hands of the Almighty, to shape good values, conducts, morals, ethics and push positive transformational agendas.
The event is marked with songs, word ministrations and prayers. Since its creation, it has held every semester. All members of the College Community, which include staff and students are usually expected to attend.
Six series of this event have taken place so far. Men of God from  different Christian denominations are normally invited to minister. It is usually a humble gathering.
The most recent one was held on Wednesday, 19th June 2019.  It was a beautiful ceremony, attended by Principal Officers of the College, staff, students as well as other invited guests from outside.
The word ministration was given by Pastor Pius Idume, from Deeper life Ministry.
COEWA Day of Prayer offers sanity to the system and rejuvenates the members of the College Community.

Pics from the most recent one