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Retirement is the withdrawal from active service. It is compulsory that all civil/public workers should retire at the stipulated age. Some persons, however, for one reason or the other, go on voluntary retirement, which is also in order.
Retirement is marked with uncertainties because of lack of preparation and fear of the unknown. This propelled Management to organise a pre-retirement workshop for staff due for retirement and those near retirement. The pre-retirement workshop was held on Thursday, the 26th day of September, 2019.
Resource persons from various sectors were invited to educate participants on life after retirement
Dr. Ralph Onyemekeihia, a Consultant Physician & Nephrologist from Central hospital gave an extensive health talk. Representatives from Zenith Bank talked about various saving schemes. Josiah O. Perkins and Mrs. Obue Adarighofua lectured on various skills acquisition programs. The workshop was very informative and eye opening. Those who attended were better informed .
Principal officers present were the Deputy Provost, Dr. (Mrs.) P. I. Oganwu, who was also the Chairman of the workshop committee. Others were the Ag. College librarian and the Chief Internal auditor.

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