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School of Arts and Social Sciences, College of Education, Warri can boast of seasoned lecturers who are well qualified, competent, dedicated and resourceful. The lists of the academic staff in the School are presented on departmental basis.

Academic Staff in Christian Religious Studies (CRS) Department
S/N    Names                                 Rank                            Qualification

1       OJO, J. (Mrs.)                       Chief Lecturer               B.A.’08; M.A.’91; PGDE’88
2       Asah, C.E. (Mrs.)                  Chief Lecturer               B.A (HONS)’82; M.A.’92 PGDE’05
3       Erhuvwahefe, J.                    Senior Lecturer             B.A.(ED) ’94; M.A. ‘99
4       Danner P.D.                          Lecturer I                      B.A.(ED)’89; M.A. ‘15
5       Oloruntimeyin, E.H. (Mrs.)     Lecturer I                      B.A.(ED)’98
6       Emusi, Samson I.                  Lecturer II                      B.TH’02; M.A.’08
7       Nasa, L. Tambor                   Lecturer III                     WAEC’82; B.A.’01; M.A. ‘02
8       Ojighoro, R.                          Lecturer III                     B.TH’81; PGDE’05; M.TH’10
9       Odogboro, R.                       Assistant Lecturer         NCE’87; B.THEO’98

Academic Staff in Economics Department
S/N    Names                                Rank                             Qualifications

1       Osiobe, P.O.                         Chief Lecturer               B.Sc.81; MBA’99
2       Oyovwi, D. (Dr.)                    Chief Lecturer               B.Sc.(ED)’91; PGDE’95; MBA’96; M.Sc.’07; Ph.D’12
3       Omarijivwie, Morrison            Principal Lecturer         B.Sc’80; PGDE’91; M.Sc.’06
4       Evbie, Johnson                     Senior Lecturer             B.Sc.(ED)’94; M.Sc.’01
5       Eshenake, Samuel  J(Dr.)     Principal Lecturer         B.Sc’87; M.Sc’94; Ph.D ‘12
6       Ukavbe Andrew                    Senior Lecturer             B.Sc.’96; M.Sc.’06; PGDE’13
7       Jakpa, Peter                         Lecturer II                      B.Sc(ED)’97; M.Sc’99
8       Offideh, Frank                      Lecturer II                      B.Sc. ‘78; M.Sc.’81, PGDE     
9       Akroh, Ojevwe T. (Mrs.)        Assistant Lecturer         NCE’06; B.Sc.(ED)’10
10     Osho-Itsueli, E. O. (Mrs.)      Assistant Lecturer         B.Sc’01; PGDE’15; M.Sc.’15
11     Jakpa, M. Tosan (Mrs.)         Assistant Lecturer         DIP(ACCT.)’04 B.Sc.(Ed) ‘08
12     Ibori, U. Helen (Mrs.)            Assistant Lecturer         B.Sc’05; PGDE ‘15

Academic Staff in Geography Department
S/N    Names                                       Rank                      Qualifications

1       Dittimi, Johnson Perekebena      Chief Lecturer         B.A.’80; M.Sc.’91; M.Sc.’06; Ph.D’07
2       Salami, H.E. (Mrs.)                      Chief Lecturer         NCE’91; B.Sc.(ED)’93; M.Sc’97
3       Ukubeyinje, E.                             Principal Lecturer    B.Sc.84; M.Sc.’91
4       Memuduaghan, S.O.                   Senior Lecturer       B.A.’81; Pgde’02; M.Ed’05, M.Sc
5       Ovririe, Emuobosa (Mrs.)            Senior Lecturer       B.Sc.’99; PGDE’06; M.Sc’10
6       Chukwu, Oghenekome(Mrs.)       Lecturer 1               B.Sc.’01, PGDE’06, M.Sc.’10
7       Origho, Thaddeus                       Lecturer 1               GCE’88; NCE’94; B.Sc (ED).04

Academic Staff in History Department
S/N    Names                                     Rank                          Qualifications

1        Dr.Ifediora, A.I.                         Chief Lecturer             B.Ed’79, M.A.’98; Ph.D’10
2        Ofogbor, O.A. (Chief)               Principal Lecturer        NCE’83, B.A.’89, M.A.’06
3        Etumudor,  M.                           Principal Lecturer        B.A.’94, M.A.’06, PGDE ’06
4        Atubi, W.                                   Senior Lecturer           B.A.’98, M.A.’03. PGDE ’04
5        Ozano, P.B.                               Lecturer I                    NCE’83, B.A.(ED)’90
6        Ejumudo, A.D.                           Lecturer I                    B.A.’80, M.A.’91, PGDE ’06
7        Bonga, F.                                  Lecturer III                   BA’07, PGDE ‘14
8        Dafioghor, C.                            Lecturer III                    BA’97; PGDE ‘10

Academic Staff in Music Department
S/N    Names                                     Rank   

1        Dick-Duvwarovwo, E.                Principal Lecturer    
2        Bebafa, Z.D.                             Part-time     

Academic Staff in Political Science Department
S/N    Names                                    Rank                             Qualifications

1        Odhe, S.U.                              Chief Lecturer                B.Sc’91; PGDE ’04; M.Sc’05
2        Agbefe, E.O.                           Chief Lecturer                M.Phil, ’05; M.Sc (PUB.ADMIN) ’95; B.Sc(ED)’91; PGDE.04.
3        Etchie, T.P.                              Chief Lecturer                B.Sc’94; M.Sc (Benin)’96; PGDE (UNIPORT)’08
4        Buku, H.B.                              Senior Lecturer               B.Sc (UNILAG) ’81; MPA’84; M.Sc ’03; Ph.D’13
5        Isitoah, O. E.                           Lecturer I                        B.Sc.(Lagos)’92; MILR(UNIBEN) ’99; PGDE (Abraka) ’07.
6        Ogidiagba, U.B.                      Lecturer II                       B.Sc’05; M.Sc’09
7        Agatemor, W.                          Lecturer II                       B.Sc (ED)’98; NCE.’94; M.Sc (UNIBEN) ’09
8        Umuakpo, O.                          Lecturer III                       B.Sc.’09; M.Sc ‘16
9        Dr. Avweromre, I.L.                 Lecturer                         Ph.D (DELSU) ’14; M.Sc ’11; B.Sc ’06.

Academic Staff in Social Studies Department
S/N    Names                                   Rank                              Qualifications

1        Iyamah, C.C. (Dr.)                  Chief Lecturer                 B.Sc.’81; M.Sc.’88; Ph.D’10
2        Oganwu, P.I. (Dr.)                   Chief Lecturer                 NCE’84, B.Ed’86, M.Ed’97, P.hD’ 03.
3        Williams Tunde                       Chief Lecturer                 B.Ed.’90; M.Ed’03
4        Ikem, Kenneth                        Principal Lecturer            NCE’83; B.Ed’93; M.Ed’99
5        Amuho, B.O.                           Principal Lecturer            B.Ed.’77 ;M.Ed.’90
6        Aina, H.E.                                Principal Lecturer           B.Sc.’90; M.Sc.(Ed)’11, PGDE’05
7       Reuben, D.                              Lecturer II                        B.Sc(ED)’04; M.Sc(Ed)’09
8       Atoukudu, C.E.                        Lecturer II                        B.Sc.Ed’96; M.Ed ‘07
9       Adarighofua, E.                       Lecturer III                        B.Sc.’09, PGDE’ 15
10     Odivwri, O. Victor                    Lecturer III                        B.Sc.’02, PGDE’ 15

Academic Staff Theatre Arts Department
S/N    Names                                  Rank                                Qualifications

1        Osammor, U.C.                     Senior Lecturer                  B.A.’83; PGDE’94
2        Otete-Akpofure, E.               Senior Lecturer                  B.A.’88; PGDE ‘92
3        Ozobeme, C.                        Senior Lecturer                  B.A.’88; M.A. ’04; PGDE’10
4        Umukoro, M.                         Senior Lecturer                  B.A.’93; MCM’04 M.A..’12; PGDE’12