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ICT Promoting Computational Chemistry Education

Journal: Niger Delta Journal of Education (NIDJOE), 2016
Author: Ucheaga Chidiebere and Anshu Mathur

Mud Logging as an Exploration Tool. (A Case Study of Uzere Well)

Journal: Nigerian Journal Of Science And Environmental Facility Of Science, Delta State Univerity, Abraka, 2007
Author: Molua, O. C., Ighrakpata, F. C., Emagbetere, J. U. and Okoh, H.

Towards an Integrated National Language Policy for National Development in Multilingual Nigeria

Journal: Journal of Languages, Arts and Social Sciences (JOLASS), 2002
Author: Shobomehin, T.O.

Bias in Test Items and Implication for National Development

Journal: Journal of Education and Practice, 2014
Author: Caroline Ochuko Alordiah, Helena T. Agbajor

Effects of genotype on the reproductive traits of the female pigs

Journal: IOSR Journals of Agriculture and Veterinary Service, 2016
Author: Eyovwunu, D., Omeje, S. I. and Akpodiete, J. O.

Historical Overview of the Factors Affecting Chemical Education of Women in the Northern Nigeria.

Journal: Journal of School of Vocational Education, 2001
Author: Ucheaga, C.

The Relevance of Motivation in the Educational organization

Journal: International Journal of current Research in the Humanities, 2013
Author: Anigala, A.

Role of Computational Chemistry in Promoting Higher Production in Oil Industry

Journal: Research and Development Journal, 2015
Author: Ucheaga Chidiebere and Anshu Mathur

Role of Physical Science Research in Developing Countries

Journal: Journal of Physical Science, 2008
Author: Asarhasa, P. E., Ighrakpata, F. C. and Onavwie, U. A.

Towards Enhancing Womens Participation in Community Development Programs in Isoko North Local Govern ...

Journal: Journal of Home Economics Research (JHER), 2007
Author: Nwankwo, T. O. Otiede, E. O.