Pre/Post Retirement Seminar Organised by College of Education,Warri Cooperative Societies.

History was made as the Academic Staff Multi Purpose Cooperative Society in conjunction with End Well Women Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, College of Education, Warri Organised a one day seminar on Pre and Post Retirement, on Wednesday, 5th June, 2023, @ the College Academic Board Room.

Such exercise has never been carried out by any Cooperative society in the College.

At the seminar, members of the cooperative received valuable knowledge on effective early retirement planning and investment strategies.

The President of both Cooperatives, Dr. (Mrs.)Philippa Isioma Oganwu, stated in her opening address that the Management of both cooperative societies thought it wise to organise the seminar, to enlighten its members on the importance of preparing for retirement. She highlighted the objectives of the seminars which include preparing retirees for retirement, adding that many workers fail to plan and some see retirement as a death sentence. She stated that retirement is inevitable, and so workers must start preparation for retirement as soon as one starts work or at most five years before retirement . 

The Provost, Dr. Dickson Onovwakpoma Oyovwi (J.P) was ably represented by the Deputy Provost Dr. (Mrs.) Fidelia Ighrakpata. While delivering the provost’s address, she charged everyone to give listening ears to the resource speakers as they guide them concerning the retirement plan. She praised the Cooperatives describing them as the most credible cooperatives in the college. She encouraged the management of these cooperatives to keep up the good work. Thereafter, she declared the seminar open.

The first lecture was delivered by Dr. Mrs  Marie Ogbimi, a medical consultant Physician/Neurologist. She gave a health talk on Health management and advised participants to prioritize their health now, before retirement.

Engr. Edafe Ikoko, the second guest speaker talked about the emotional challenges of retirement, and how to deal with them. He laid emphasis on redefining your dream and life work as a retiree. According to Engr. Ikoko, if you think there is nothing much in your future, you are not going to live long after retirement. Therefore, simply retiring and coasting is not an option. In other to restore vitality an enthusiasm in your life, you must have a strategy. Refuse to retire but re-fire! he added.

Mrs. Helen Osuya stated the significance of cooperative society in a modern society. She stated that the success of every cooperative society depends largely on the ambition, selflessness, dedication and incite of the members.

The Chairman of College of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU), Comrade Dr. Oghenevize M. Umukoro, in his lecture titled “Accessing Retirement Benefit: Fast Tracking the Process”, stated that Retirement is not a death sentence. He gave a holistic step by step approach on what workers need to carryout pre & post retirement to avoid unnecessary delay in getting retirement benefit. He added that the State Government has not fared well in releasing retirees entitlement to them promptly. He also noted that some retirees contribute to this challenge by not doing the things necessary for them to access their retirement benefit on time. He suggested possible ways through which an intending retiree could fast track the payment of his or her retirement benefit.

The workshop was a worthwhile experience to all the participants. All the speakers were apt in their area of focus, and the Seminar was an eye opener and an interesting experience.

Special appreciation to the organisers of the seminar, for arranging such quality welfare package for its members.